Our Philosophy

We believe that a child's mind and body are closely connected and that a child learns best when both are engaged in learning. We understand that children learn at different rates and strive to present each child with developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. We believe in small classes and the importance of creating a supportive learning community within the classroom. We believe strong fundamentals should be paired with a wide knowledge base in order to prepare a child for a future in an ever changing world. We believe academic success is achieved when a child does his best.


We use the KY State Standards to guide our instruction in mathematics, reading, and science.  However, we believe in a much stronger approach to social studies and have a rich curriculum emphasizing geography and world studies. This includes our unique Spanish immersion program where our students learn to speak Spanish as it is incorporated into their day.  We also have developed a strong handwriting curriculum emphasising correct letter strokes which will eventually lead to cursive writing.


We have intentionally chosen to exclude technology from our curriculum.  We feel the KY State Technology Standards for primary students are outdated and that they ignore the current research on excessive exposure to technology during the early years.  We believe in the benefits of face to face, hands on instruction.

Physical Activity

We understand the need for a child to move and the health and education benefits for children who are physically active during their school day.  During our six hour school day we have a morning and afternoon recess where children are encouraged to run, climb, swing, and be ACTIVE!  During class time children often engage in activities on the floor or at centers to minimize sitting time.


Students are expected to be polite and respectful to teachers and classmates. Behavior that detracts from the learning environment will not be tolerated.  Because we are a very small program we do not have additional staff on hand to watch over children who may need to be removed from the classroom for discipline reasons.  Children who are physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive will be sent home for the day, a second offense will mandate three days of suspension, a third offense will mandate dismissal from the program.

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