Three Year Olds

Our three year old program will focus on social skills, listening, following directions and also include activities designed to give little ones a good foundation for future reading, math, writing, science, and social studies.  Activities are taught through a play based curriculum with lots of hands on learning activities.

Pre Kindergarten

 This class will focus on kindergarten readiness skills and are taught through a play based, hands on curriculum.  We use Visual Phonics for letter and sound recognition and the nationally recognized Handwriting Without Tears writing program to ensure children will have good handwriting basics.  Math, science, and social studies are taught through an activity based curriculum designed to give little ones a solid foundation for future learning.

Our preschoolers are hard at work in our garden and a robin was kind enough to build a nest and lay her eggs right outside the window of our Science Center.

Our center hours are


Two Year Olds

We offer full day care for two year olds.  These little ones will spend their day learning through purposeful play.  Social skills, independence, and exploration will be the focus of this group.

Fine motor skills are developed for future writing through art and manipulatives.