Preschool With Full Day Care

Drop off as early as 6:45am.  Pick up by 5:30 pm.

All 3-5 year old children must be fully potty trained.

Students should bring two snacks with drink and a lunch with drink.  All snacks and lunches must meet daycare licensing requirements.

Requirements are listed below.

The Discovery Gym Handbook for

Full Day Care


The Discovery Gym no longer offers half day preschool.  Our full day program is Monday-Friday from 6:45a-5:30p.

The Preschool Calendar

can be found on the "Calendars" tab.

     A snack shall include two (2) of the following:

     Milk, protein or bread

     and either: fruit, vegetable, or 100% juice

     Lunch shall include:

      Milk (this may be almond, soy, etc. but must be drinkable milk)

      Protein (yogurt and cheese count as proteins)


      Any of the following combinations: Two vegetables; two fruits; or one fruit and  a vegetable.

Tuition listed is per week.  Weekly tuition will be automatically deducted by The Discovery Gym on the Monday before each new week unless other arrangements are made.

Preschool Supply List

Full Day prices are per week.  A $75 non-refundable registration fee will be charged at time of registration.  Payments will be automatically deducted from your account unless other arrangements are made.  Families are responsible for providing all snacks and meals.  Children 3 years old and older must be fully potty trained, no pull-ups except for nap time.  All immunization and registration forms must be turned in before child will be allowed to start school.    For further assistance call the office at 502-437-0705.

Emergency Information

Must be filled out and returned before first day of school.

$75 Registration Fee is required when your child is accepted into the program.  No registration fee will be taken until your child moves from the WAIT LIST and is officially in a class.

2019-2020 Preschool Tuition:  2 Years Old $170/wk   3 years-Pre K  $150/wk

2020-2021 Preschool Tuition:  $160/week

We will begin contacting 2020-2021 students from the wait list in February, 2021.